10 Reasons You Need to Add Cinnamon To Your Coffee –

I don ’ thymine know about you, but I have literally tried everything from cream, cream pitcher, milk, sugar and more in my coffee to enhance the relish. Out of all of those things, alone one actually stands out as the best and that is cinnamon .
This fresh, abrupt spice has more to do than just enhance your daily chocolate drink. It can do so much more and today, we have 10 examples to share with you .

10 Reasons Cinnamon Needs to Be in Your Coffee

#1 Cinnamon Increases Antioxidants

Antioxidants are normally associated with fruits and many other foods, however, cinnamon packs a surprise measure of healing antioxidants. Cinnamon is a good diet spice because of its high antioxidant content .
One teaspoon of cinnamon contains as many antioxidants as half a cup of blueberries, one of the most antioxidant filled foods.

#2 Cinnamon Protects Against High Blood Sugar

If you prefer something sweetness in your coffee bean, cinnamon is a healthy choice over sugar .
Cinnamon gives you that sweet flavour that your palette may be craving, but will wholly avoid the calories a well as the damaging effects that boodle can leave behind .
not only that, but cinnamon benefits your entire body by slowing rake sugar spikes after eating, improving the body ’ s insulin potency, and preventing and soothing inflammation in tissues and joints .

#3 Cinnamon is Full of Vitamins and Nutrients

There are many spices out there, but none as healthy and good for you like cinnamon .
fair one tablespoon of cinnamon holds 4 grams of fibr, 68 % of your daily manganese, 8 % of your daily calcium, 4 % of your daily iron, and 3 % of your daily dose of vitamin K .

#4 Cinnamon Makes Your Coffee Taste Better

If you have always tasted cinnamon straight out of the jar, it has a bitter taste. however, when you mix it in your food and drink in, the relish profile changes wholly .
Adding cinnamon into your cup of coffee will alter its taste—for the better. It will make your chocolate odoriferous without adding any sugary, diet-busting products .
Whether you stir in a teaspoon or two of the zest or add a cinnamon stick to your cup, both methods will provide a sugared smack .

#5 Cinnamon Helps Ward of Sickness

Downing some cinnamon can help you prevent illnesses such as a sore throat, venous sinus trouble, allergies and more. Cinnamon ’ s many antioxidants stop bacteria from growing, lower cholesterol, and keep the body healthy overall.

#6 Cinnamon Will Put Your Brain to Work

While caffeine in your dawn chocolate does the speculate of waking your mind up adding the addition of cinnamon in your chump will improve your genius ’ s cognitive action equally well as spurring on your mind function raw .
It has been proven that the childlike act of smelling cinnamon helps to improve your work capabilities—and ingesting the spiciness is even more beneficial .

#7 Cinnamon Curbs Your Appetite

While chocolate keeps your hunger at bay, you can besides add cinnamon to each dawn cup and it will help you curb all those crazy angelic snacks that you think you can not live without .
Cinnamon stop cravings because it stabilizes insulin and hold levels from spiking ( which is a factor in causing our starve ) .

#8 Cinnamon Helps Cure the Common Cold

Whenever you get a cold, hot drinks are a great way to soothe a afflictive throat, and cinnamon only enhances that pain-relieving quality .
Adding cinnamon to your warm drink can open and clear your sinus cavities. It can besides scale down the mucus reproduction as well which those two things together are what causes the common cold .

#9 Cinnamon Will Give You a Burst of Energy

Adding cinnamon to your dawn chocolate can give you an extra energy rise when combined with caffeinated chocolate .
cinnamon does two jobs — keeps rake sugar levels stable and it besides stabilizes your energy levels, preventing the boodle spike crash that happens besides much .

#10 Cinnamon is Good for Your Heart

It has been shown through many studies that cinnamon lowers your risk of heart-related ailments and illnesses.

Simply put, it lowers the harmful triglycerides that lawsuit clogged arteries and other heart-related health problems by angstrom much as 30 percentage .


not merely does chocolate extend you some great added health benefits but adding cinnamon in your coffee bean can up those health benefits quite a draw .
Start adding a little to your coffee each dawn and let us know what you think !

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