Easy Coffee Ice Cubes

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Coffee ice cubes can be used to cool down coffee without watering it down or made into an clamant caffe latte .
Coffee ice cubes and milk in a cup

Coffee Ice Cubes

  • Super easy to make! Just brew coffee (hot or cold brew) and freeze in ice cube trays.
  • Coffee for this recipe is made in a coffee maker but cold brewed coffee can also be used.
  • Sugar is added to the coffee, then frozen so it’s pre-sweetened.
  • Add milk to make an iced latte.
  • Add hot coffee to make quick iced coffee.


Coffee Ice Cube Ingredients
My Coffee Maker Pick

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Makes consistent coffee every time. Super slowly to use and a cinch to clean .


Step-by-Step Instructions

STEP 1: Make coffee.
I use my trustworthy Zojirushi coffee maker to brew coffee .
Better tasting water system makes better tasting coffee — use filtered water if potential .
STEP 2: Stir in sugar.
While the chocolate is distillery hot, stir the sugar until it completely dissolves .

STEP 3: Pour coffee into ice cube trays.
I use a silicone ice cube tray and I pour hot coffee directly into the trays .
Each tray holds a cup of coffee so with the upper and lower trays, it ’ ll hold 2 cups .
STEP 4: Freeze ice cube trays.

Depending on the size of your ice block tray, it ’ ll take about 4 hours to freeze the coffee bean. I normally leave it in the deep-freeze overnight .

STEP 5: Add ice cubes into a cup.
At this point, you can either add milk to make an frost caffe latte or you can add hot coffee bean to make it cold without watering it down .

I like adding milk to make an frost caffe latte .
As the coffee ice cube melts, it ’ ll flavor the milk. It ’ south bracing and delicious .

Expert Tips

  • Don’t want to use sugar? Stir in any sweetener you like. Try maple syrup, date syrup, or honey.
  • To make vanilla flavored coffee ice cubes, add 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract to the coffee after you stir in the sugar.
  • Any kind of milk can be used to make the iced latte.

Questions You May Have

Can I add sugar later instead of in the ice cubes? If you want to sweeten your ice coffee drink, add simple syrup alternatively of regular sugar since it ’ ll desegregate into the cold drink in better. How can I make cold brew coffee ice cubes? Make cold brew first, then pour it into ice cube trays. When making cold brew coffee bean internal-combustion engine cubes, I don ’ thymine add boodle before freeze and good add simple syrup when making the drink. Is there a trick to getting ice cubes out of silicone ice cubes? Silicone frost cubes can be a pain to use since it ’ s not as easy to get them out of the tray. I take it out of the deep-freeze and let it thaw a bit ( a couple of minutes ) on the countertop, then flip it over and push the frost cubes out from the back onto a bowl. How many tablespoons of ground coffee is used for each cup of water? Since the coffee ice cubes will be diluted in milk, I used 2 tablespoons of ground chocolate for every cup of water. If you want it to be made stronger, add 1-2 more tablespoons of ground coffee bean.


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