The Best Flavored Coffee of 2021

When you ’ rhenium looking for a way to switch up your average chocolate everyday, flavored coffees are a perfect solution. Their growing popularity has led to an inflow of divers and slenderly farcical flavors that range from epicure desserts to classic understudy. From coconut and hazelnut to chocolate and blueberry, let ’ s take a look at the best season coffees you can use to spice up your following cup of Joe.

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The Best Flavored Coffee 2021

Lifeboost Coffee- Smoky Butterscotch

Organic Flavored Coffee If you love creamy, rich coffee you will love Lifeboost ’ s Smoky Butterscotch coffee bean. This coffee is created using irish skim butter and natural brown boodle vegetable oil extract. A sip of this delightful brew will bring back all those nostalgic flavors of butterscotch candy. Lifeboost ’ s Smoky Butterscotch is a medium roasted coffee bean with a trace of smokiness that perfectly balances out the cup. The coffee bean is flavored using natural essential oils to extract a rich relish without any calories. Lifeboost ’ sulfur coffee bean is shade grow in Nicaragua with the last concern. All of their chocolate is fairly trade and certified organic. The beans themselves are gamey quality 100 % Arabica beans grown at a one origin, to produce some of the best tasting coffee. If you are looking for high quality, organic flavored coffee give lifeboost coffee a go- they have a huge crop of other flavors besides ; everything from gingerbread caffe latte to pumpkin to blueberry cinnamon crumble, you are certain to find something to suit you !


  • Available as whole bean or ground coffee
  • Flavored with natural essential oils
  • Fair trade
  • Organic single origin beans
  • One of the best tasting coffee brands
  • Wide range of other flavors available including some flavored decaf coffee


  • Higher priced than some other beans

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Bones Coffee Company – Strawberry Cheesecake

You can enjoy the flavor of this democratic dessert guilt-free and dairy-free with Bones Coffee Company ’ south Strawberry Cheesecake coffee bean. The crisp and fruity season fuses well with the 100 % brazilian Arabica bean base. This medium ridicule with gloomy acidity works perfectly for anyone looking for a poise and fluent chocolate. While brewing, you ’ ll enjoy a delectable balmy olfactory property that helps boost the taste. You can feel confident buying from Bones Coffee Company thanks to their commitment to ethical source. This company focuses on small-batch roasting and box in the United States for novelty, and as a bonus, their promotion adds a sting of playfulness to your casual coffee bean break .


  • Available as whole bean or ground coffee
  • A vegan recipe
  • No added sugar – just all-natural taste
  • No artificial aftertaste
  • Wide range of other flavors available including some flavored decaf coffee


  • Cheesecake flavor is a little too light

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Seattle’s Best Coffee – Toasted Hazelnut Flavored Coffee

Hazelnut is a classical spirit for coffee, and this option doesn ’ metric ton disappoint with a fully, nutty taste. Throughout the roasting march, Seattle ’ second Best checks the beans three times to ensure the highest timbre of spirit. This especial hazelnut option contains 100 % Arabica beans sourced from Latin America. These beans ’ medium roast provides a smooth flavor that acts as an excellent base for adding cream, sugar, or milk. Brewing this coffee bean will turn your home into a café with a sparkle however earthy olfactory property that completes the integral experience .


  • Does not taste synthetic like other hazelnut-flavored coffees
  • Mixes well with dark coffee blends for a more robust flavor
  • Affordable


  • Have to follow the brewing instruction carefully to avoid a watery product
  • Some customers report that the aroma lingers too long

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New England Coffee – Blueberry Cobbler Medium Roast Ground Coffee

New England Coffee has been roasting epicure coffee at an low-cost monetary value for over 100 years. Made from 100 % Arabica beans from Africa and Central and South America, this Blueberry Cobbler flavor tastes wonderfully sweet, blending well with the acuteness of the coffee beans. You besides get a hint of spiciness to mellow out the bouquet. For buyers with food sensitivities or requirements, this product is gluten-free and certified Kosher. New England Coffee roasts its beans in small batches and grinds them while still newly for lake superior spirit. As you brew this coffee bean, your kitchen will fill with a delightful blueberry olfactory property that smells just like a bakery. The final product mixes well with cream, sugar, or milk but tastes great on its own, excessively. This party besides has plenty of early flavors if you want to explore taste combinations like hazelnut crème or chocolate cappuccino .


  • A unique flavor that offers a new way to enjoy a classic dessert
  • Perfect for a refreshing iced coffee
  • Customers report a more authentic flavor than many other blueberry coffee alternatives
  • Started the Sustainable Cup Project to support local growers and their communities


  • Some consumers felt the blueberry taste could be stronger
  • The blueberry flavor is even milder in hot coffee

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Cameron’s Specialty Coffee – Highlander Grog Flavored Whole Bean Coffee

Founded in 1978, Cameron ’ s Specialty Coffee focuses on relish and sustainable sourcing in their handcraft coffees. This clean roast made from 100 % Arabica beans features the complementary color rich flavors of rum and butterscotch with vanilla and caramel notes for a smooth ending. This company uses 100 % Arabica beans picked from the top 10 % of chocolate beans worldwide, so you constantly get the highest quality product. Plus, Cameron ’ s Specialty Coffee pays special attention during their small-batch roast march to prevent over-roasting that can lead to a acerb aftertaste. You can besides choose from many other Cameron ’ s Coffee flavors, including chocolate caramel elf and caramel crème .


  • A distinctive, yet not overwhelming, flavor
  • A pleasant aroma during brewing
  • Perfect warm flavor combination for winter
  • Can use with different types of coffee machines, including drip machines and stove top devices


  • Loses flavor over time so best if used in a timely manner

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Volcanica Coffee Company – Chocolate Crème Brûlée Whole Bean Coffee

Best Flavored Coffee here ’ s a 100 % whole Arabica bean choice that brings you all of the sugared flavors of a delectable Crème Brûlée with the summation of full cocoa notes. The wholly bean translation of this coffee lends a clean and richer taste and allows you to grind them to your preference. All of Volcanica ’ south beans come from volcanic environments where they grow on farms located at least 3,000 feet above sea charge. The volcanic territory and cool climate, along with the acme, result in more flavorful beans. To ensure your purchase is vitamin a fresh as possible, Volcanica roasts their beans to order every meter .


  • Immediately packed and sealed after roasting for optimum freshness
  • You can also order these already ground
  • Many other flavors to choose from, including holiday blends available year-round


  • On the more expensive end of flavored coffees

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Dunkin’ – French Vanilla Ground Coffee

Best Flavored Coffee Best Flavored Coffee Enjoy your front-runner Dunkin ’ coffee from home with this dateless french Vanilla flavored land coffee. many chocolate companies offer vanilla flavors, but Dunkin ’ is home to one of the most popular. This blend comes from 100 % Arabica beans that meet Dunkin ’ s stern standards for growing and picking. With this balanced medium roast, your chocolate will never taste besides sweet. rather, you get a decadent relish that works with hot or ice coffee .


  • Also available as a K-cup
  • Tastes just like the coffee you buy at Dunkin’s restaurant
  • Smooth enough to drink black


  • Some customers felt it had a slightly artificial taste

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Kauai Hawaiian – Coconut Caramel Crunch

Best flavored coffee Kauai Hawaiian is Hawaii ’ sulfur largest coffee agriculturist, with four million trees across 3,100 acres. They began growing coffee in 1987 and now offer a assortment of flavors, including this Coconut Caramel Crunch, that transports you right field to paradise. This alone relish features 100 % Arabica coffee bean, including 10 % hawaiian beans that capture the island ’ sulfur vibrant flavors. The coconut and caramel flavors offer a nutty, polish, and tropical taste indisputable to please anyone with a sweetness tooth .


  • Bright flavors that offer a distinct flavor profile
  • Practice sustainable farming
  • Wonderful aroma even before brewing


  • Some drinkers found the caramel flavor overpowered the coconut

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The Final Verdict- The Best Flavored Coffee?

The next time you decide to experiment with your coffee bean act, consider any one of the best season coffee options from this roundup. They ’ re then delightful and diverse that it ’ s arduous to choose a clear winner. If you are looking for a high quality, organic flavored coffee we highly recommend Lifeboost ’ s Smoky Butterscotch chocolate. This is a smooth, full-bodied drink evocative of Butterscotch candies. Or if you are after a more dulcet, balmy blend Bones Coffee Company ’ south Strawberry Cheesecake coffee bean powered by natural flavors is a great option. You get all of the sugary spirit and fruity olfactory property of traditional strawberry cheesecake in a guilt-free cup of chocolate. Volcanica ’ s Crème Brûlée is another tasty dessert-based choice with a exuberant preference. If you prefer more traditional flavors, Dunkin ’ s french Vanilla and Seattle ’ mho Best Coffee ’ second Toasted Hazelnut are excellent choices for adding a bit of bouquet or nuttiness to your java. No topic which season you try first, each of these products brings singular taste combinations to coffee, enhancing the brew and drinking experience. You may even find that you prefer your chocolate with a little season boost .

Buying Guide

What Is Flavored Coffee?

While flavored coffee may seem like a new swerve the mind has actually been around for centuries. In ancient times people used to add things like spices, nuts and berries to their coffee to flavor it. Nowadays, with the advances in engineering, we are able to add flavorings to the coffee bean beans themselves before brewing. Flavored coffee bean is a healthier choice to flavoring your coffee bean rather than adding sugar filled syrups of creamers to your brew .Blueberry Flavored Coffee

How Is Flavored Coffee Made?

To flavor coffee, producers add flavored oils to the chocolate beans. These oils can be natural or synthetic with natural ones coming from sources like cocoa beans, vanilla, fruits, and nuts. Spices are another common way of enhancing the season of the chocolate. popular ones include cinnamon and cling. The relish normally gets added to the beans after roasting, but before grinding. The beans are cooled after roasting ( so the high temperature doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate destroy the flavorer ). The season oil is then pour slowly over the beans while they are being gently agitated, until the beans are completely coated .

Is Flavored Coffee Bad For You?

When flavoring coffee the roaster broadly adds them chemical propylene ethylene glycol to the beans to help bind the flavorer compounds to the coffee bean. When choosing a season chocolate, you may want to check the propylene diol contentedness. While propylene ethylene glycol is a common food linear, in high quantities it can be harmful, though food authorities in the U.S. reputation that it ’ sulfur condom to use in food production. The come used to flavor chocolate is minimal and improbable to cause any problems. If you are not a winnow of additive chemicals, a good alternative to pre-flavored beans is season syrups, however these tend to have a bunch of sugar in them .

What Should I Look For In A Flavored Coffee?

Naturally Flavored vs Artificially Flavored Coffee

The best coffee flavors use only natural flavors. natural flavors are extracted from a lifelike reservoir eg using vanilla beans or hazelnuts to flavor the coffee. In comparison artificial flavors are made in a lab, however the actual aromatic intensify added is normally identical to the natural one. naturally flavored coffees are typically more expensive than those with artificial flavors. generally, most season coffees are a combination of both artificial and lifelike flavors .Naturally Flavored Coffee


You might besides consider investigating the character of beans used. Most roasters use blends rather than single origins in season coffees, as these have a more poise taste that matches well with all manner of lend flavors. The best smack coffee brands use a 100 % Arabica blend. Some manufacturers use lower quality beans and try to mask the bad coffee bean by drowning it in spirit, these cheap flavored coffee bean brands should be avoided .


last, look into the roasting summons of the company. In general the best tasting chocolate brands exercise small-batch ridicule and perform quality checks throughout the procedure. A adept sign is if the date of roast is printed on the promotion, so you can make indisputable your beans are clean. You can besides look at the roasting level of the beans. Light roasted beans by and large have mild flavors and bright sourness. They work well with fruity, floral spirit profiles. Medium roasted beans have more balance relish and sourness with caramel-y notes. Most season beans are average roasted as these work well and don ’ metric ton overpower the different flavorings added. Dark roasted beans produce a rich, full bodied brew with more chocolaty and balmy notes .


Are you even hesitant to try season chocolate ? Take a count at our answers to these frequently asked questions to learn more.

What are the different coffee flavors available

There are seven cosmopolitan categories of additives used to flavor coffee ; yield, nuts, spiciness, vanilla, chocolate, caramel and distill spirits. Most coffee flavors are a combination of these. These days there is a huge align of different season coffees available from your traditional coffee flavors such as vanilla, hazelnut, caramel or cocoa to your more cockamamie man-made flavors such as pumpkin, peanut butter, amaretto or maple bacon coffee bean.

Does flavored coffee have sugar or calories?

No, flavored chocolate beans have no add calories or sugar in them. This makes them a distribute healthier option than adding season syrups or creamers to your drinks. Flavored coffee is besides Keto Friendly.

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