Dunkin’ Holiday Blend Review

If you enjoy Dunkin ’ american samoa much as we do, today is the official begin of the holidays ! The much anticipated Dunkin’ Holiday Menu has hit stores across the country, and sol far, it does not disappoint ! This past year, Dunkin ’ has released numerous alone and seasonal worker coffee blends or batches that have been unforgettable ! Our favorite, the Sunrise Batch, was released as character of the Summer Menu back in May. other blends included the identical active Explorer Batch blend and the bold 100% Guatemalan Coffee .
Dunkin' Holiday Blend Review
This class ’ randomness vacation menu ( alongside a great few signature vacation lattes ) is a new Holiday Blend coffee. We were in line beginning thing this good morning to capture our first taste of the new Holiday Blend. here ’ s how it compares in our wax Dunkin ’ Holiday Blend reappraisal.

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Dunkin’ Holiday Blend Review

The holidays are a big time to get into the seasonal emotional state with friends and kin. Holiday coffee flavors always make it more memorable, not lone because of their taste but besides how they help us stay warm during these cold months ! We were excited when we heard about Dunkin ’ s new plans for releasing its very own Holiday blend, and Dunkin ’ did a stubborn job of keeping the season profile “ under wraps ” until nowadays !

Dunkin’ Holiday Blend Sweetness

The newly Dunkin ’ Holiday Blend is described as a affectionate blend with sweet molasses and dried fruit notes. Our first sip immediately reminded us of the 100 % Guatemalan coffee BUT with a sugared polish. The body is light and aired, just like the Guatemalan coffee on the menu this by fall. sweetly molasses flavors penetrate through to your taste buds while acidity ( resentment ) remains at baseline flat – but they seem equal in intensity as if striving against each early for attention.

Dunkin' Holiday Blend Review

Dunkin’ Holiday Blend Summary

There was a time when Dunkin ’ Donuts served only coffee bean with cream and carbohydrate. That clock time has since passed. Dunkin ’ s vacation blend is one of our darling blends ( possibly 2nd to Sunrise Batch ) because of its bouquet without being excessively gratifying. The modern blend is more bitter than the Guatemalan coffee but proves to be barely as light. It besides packs a punch in terms of acidity, which expresses the authentic flavors of the holiday season. In comparison to the Guatemalan, this blend finishes with more bitterness. If you were a fan of the Guatemalan and enjoyed a more full-bodied coffee bean taste, this blend will decidedly carry you into the flavors of the vacation season !

Your Holiday Blend Experience

Have you tried the fresh Dunkin ’ Holiday Blend ? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. We would love to hear about your experience. And by the way… we really miss Sunrise Batch !

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