15 Best Hot Cocoa K Cups In 2021

best hot cocoa k cups Keurig is without a doubt a market leader in the one-cup coffee-making space. They have an highly versatile put of machines that allow you to cater to all of your coffee needs. Although you might not have known that they can besides make great-tasting tea or hot cocoa. fortunately, there are a set of options out there. There are then many that it can actually be a daunting process to sort out the best options for your hot cocoa pay back. After testing several options, we concluded that the Two Rivers Single Serve Variety Pack is the best of the hot chocolate K cups on the market. We considered a few different factors : taste and texture, price, compatibility with the respective Keurig machines, and overall quality. With that in mind, the Two Rivers collection takes the top position as the best of all options for hot cocoa pods. The Two Rivers chocolate blistering cocoa collection combines a few key features we were looking for in our best-of : it offers a broad kind of flavors, the price is identical low-cost, and the pods work well across all Keurig brewers. While some of the flavors are a little experimental, there ’ s something for everyone.

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Keep interpretation to find out more about the best hot chocolate K cups, and particularly about our top pick .

The Best Hot Cocoa K Cups

The 15 Best Hot Cocoa K Cups Reviewed

Based on the factors mentioned above, I choose the Two Rivers Chocolate hot cocoa pods sampler for the best overall choice. It combines a bunch of options, a commodity issue of kilobyte cups for the price, and a quality hot chocolate have that doesn ’ metric ton require any allowance or added ingredients with the hot cocoa pods. Where the Two Rivers sampler pack truly shines is in the broad variety of flavors it offers. While there are some of the 16 flavors that are a little more bizarre than others, such as peanut butter cookies, all of the flavors are interesting. In addition to providing enough of options, the single-serve kind taster pack is compatible with all Keurig k cup brewers, and they ’ re one of the most affordable packs on the list. Two Rivers provides a fresh relish of hot chocolate every sidereal day, without spending a short ton of money, so it ’ s our peak picking .

Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa K Pods (Best Nostalgia Pick)

Our choice of Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate hot cocoa kilobyte pods is partially based on nostalgia. For many, swiss Miss hot chocolate is one of the key tastes of childhood, and I ’ megabyte no exception. The swiss Miss blistering cocoa k cup brings the antique have into the advanced world, and the hot chocolate thousand cups swiss Miss makes are an easy choice for those with kids angstrom well. The k cup pods are besides affordable, and the artificial sweetener isn’t overbearing. The hot cocoa k cup invention is compatible across multiple Keurig models, and overall it ’ s an accessible cup of hot chocolate that ’ randomness easily and palatable for kids angstrom well as adults .

Grove Square Hot Milk Chocolate K Cups (Best Budget Pick)

If you drink a draw of hot chocolate, you ’ re probable concerned in a value option, and Grove Square hot cocoa K cups are an excellent choice for budget-minded hot cocoa lovers. The milk cocoa flavored brew is the most low-cost option on the list, and the blistering chocolate pods are made to be compatible across Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 models. There are some downsides, in that I found it to be a little weak in flavor, but it makes for a becoming cup of hot cocoa at an low-cost price item, so if you want to get the best value in your hot cocoa k cups, Grove Square hot cocoa thousand cup pods are a solid choice .

Starbucks Classic Hot Chocolate K Cups (Best Premium Pick)

If you ’ re looking for a chocolate denounce hot cocoa feel at home, Starbucks hot cocoa K cups are a solid premium blistering cocoa. They do carry a premium price tag, of course ; but the deep, rich cocoa flavor is very stage, and the rich and creamy texture is everything you ’ vitamin d want from a cup of hot chocolate. While the price is higher, in this case, that is due to high-quality cocoa and other ingredients. The single-cup hot cocoa pods are besides compatible with all Keurig machines.

Solimo Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Pods (Best Milk Chocolate Pick)

The hot cocoa community is frequently divided as to whether the ideal hot cocoa is best expressed in milk cocoa or dark chocolate flavor. The Solimo Milk Chocolate hot cocoa thousand cups provide ample testify for a creamier, sweeter experience. It doesn ’ t provide the strongest hot cocoa mix on the tilt, but the milk cocoa relish is sweet and light, which has its own spell. The Solimo milk cocoa hot chocolate pods besides provide a good respect. The single-serve cups are compatible across Keurig brewers, both 1.0 and 2.0.

Brooklyn Beans Hot Chocolate Mexican Chocolate (Best Flavored Pick)

mexican Hot Chocolate has been a fad for a few years immediately, and Brooklyn Beans Hot Chocolate Mexican Chocolate thousand cups make it easy to get the exotic preference at home. The mexican chocolate-flavored hot chocolate is spicy, intense, rich, and exotic when compared to more traditional flavors. Gluten-free, and compatible with most Keurig brewers including Keurig 2.0. The Brooklyn Beans Mexican hot cocoa pods are a high-quality option for trying a niche relish at home .

Mountain High Natural Hot Chocolate K Cups (Best For Low Sugar)

If you want a lower-sugar hot cocoa kelvin cup, Mountain High Natural Hot Chocolate kilobyte cups are an choice worth exploring. They don ’ thymine use artificial sweeteners, but high-quality cocoa means they can use less boodle. Mountain High Natural Hot Chocolate kilobyte cups are recyclable and while they do have a slenderly higher calorie count (80 calories), they ’ re still low sugar. The price is fair, and the cups are 2.0 Keurig compatible. For a cup of cocoa with fat flavor and low sugar, they are my top peck .

Crazy Cups Hot Chocolate Sampler (Best Variety Pack)

While not my top choice overall, the Crazy Cups k cup pods single serve variety sampling station decidedly takes the top spotlight for the come of kind included in the pack. The single-serve season hot cocoa potassium cups come in up to 20 different flavors including salt caramel, cinnamon, and peppermint. With 15 grams of chocolate per single-serve hot chocolate pod, they ’ re on the more premium side. If you want to try a different blistering chocolate flavor every day, Crazy Cups is a firm option .

Martinson Singles Hot Chocolate K Cups (Most Eco Friendly)

If you ’ re trying to choose the options for Keurig k cup brewers that most minimize your environmental impact, Martinson single serve hot cocoa capsules might make the most smell for you. The hot chocolate pods do not provide the richest chocolate taste, but they are very slowly to use and are recyclable. In addition to the reclaimable thousand cups, Martinson Singles hot cocoa thousand cups are Rainforest Alliance certified, a well as aligned with several ecological and social sustainability efforts .

In the struggle between milk cocoa and blue chocolate hot cocoa flavors, I ’ thousand firm on the side of benighted cocoa in 90 % of cases. So narrowing down the field to one top night hot chocolate hot cocoa k cup was unmanageable until I sampled Maud ’ s Dark Hot Chocolate. Each of the single-serve cup is dairy-free, gluten-free, and full of rich cocoa. The 2.0 Keurig compatible cups are recyclable, and while they aren ’ thyroxine sugar-free, there ’ south just enough sweet to counter the bitterness of the chocolate itself. It ’ s a rich and decadent -tasting single-cup option for anyone who prefers dark cocoa .

Happy Belly Hot Cocoa (Best Classic Hot Cocoa)

A newcomer in the hot chocolate space, Happy Belly Hot Cocoa pods are decidedly a hit if you like a classic, middle-intensity hot cocoa feel. It ’ sulfur not overwhelmingly chocolaty, but each single-serving cup does provide that classical hot cocoa mix experience.

The pods are compatible with both 1.0 and 2.0 Keurig thousand cup brewers, and they are an low-cost alternative to Starbucks .

Fat-free hot chocolate can be a crafty proposition : so much of the flavor that we associate with hot chocolate comes from some form of fat or another, after all. But for a premium, hot chocolate k cup have without the fat, Caza Trail is the best choice I tasted. The single-serving hot cocoa is besides organic, which can make a major difference for some diet-conscious cocoa fans. The cocoa from this kelvin cup Keurig put up has a seductive aroma and a rich flavor, though it may be excessively intense for some people looking for a meek taste .

Junior Mints Hot Chocolate K Cups (Best Mint Hot Chocolate)

During certain times of the year, all I want is the taste of mint and chocolate together, and Junior Mints are one of my front-runner candies. I was excited to try the junior Mints hot chocolate K cups for precisely that argue, and the hot chocolate I got did not disappoint. No artificial sweeteners show up in the ingredients, and so far the cocoa however entirely tops out at 60 calories per serving. For a rich peppermint chocolate experience, any time of class and at home, the Junior Mints hot cocoa k cups are the best of a amazingly herd sphere .

Café Escapes Hot Cocoa (Best Chocolate Quality)

While none of the selections on this tilt lacks choice in the chocolate department, Café Escapes hot chocolate k cups decidedly provide the most high-quality chocolate experience. Both gluten-free and trans-fat-free, it tops many other best hot chocolate thousand cups lists for good reason. It ’ s a thick, rich chocolate experience, like a melted benighted candy bar in a cup. While it isn ’ thymine sugar-free, this dark chocolate hot cocoa option does have less sugar than some of the others, while remaining dulcet adequate to satisfy .

Victor Allen Coffee Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa (Best Kosher Hot Chocolate)

Victor Allen Coffee has a reputation chiefly in coffee bean, but the milk chocolate flavored hot cocoa pods are a solid option for those who want a kosher-certified drink at a reasonable price. While a few of the options on this list are certified kosher, Victor Allen ’ s potassium cups are the strongest in repute, and they provide a very good milk cocoa hot cocoa have. With nonfat dry milk and a moderate calorie count (70 calories), Victor Allen ’ s K cups are a thoroughly rate for those seeking a kosher-certified hot cocoa experience .

Buying Guide For The Best Hot Cocoa K Cups

When looking for the best hot cocoa k cups, there are a few things to keep in thinker. not all hot chocolate potassium cups are created equal, and getting the best results from your Keurig comes down to a choice cup : high cocoa concentration, appropriate sweeteners, balanced dairy and other ingredients, and of class compatibility with your system. Let ’ s dive abstruse into what all of these mean .

Cocoa Concentration

The higher the concentration of cocoa in your hot chocolate shuffle, the better your cocoa is going to be. Although some top-ranked products like the swiss Miss milk chocolate hot chocolate thousand cups don ’ t have the highest share of cocoa, most of the best options in the field make cocoa the precedence .


Calories are decidedly something to consider, whether or not you ’ re on a diet. Higher-calorie options tend to have more premium ingredients. If you ’ re looking to keep to a diet, and want something at 70 calories or below, expect for dark cocoa blends and dairy-free options. Check the nutrition pronounce to know what you ’ re getting .

Sugar And Artificial Sweeteners

many of the products in this list contain a combination of sugar and artificial sweetener, but some options have either one or the other american samoa well. Generally, I tend to prefer regular sugar in my hot chocolate, but artificial sweeteners and flavors do have their topographic point in helping to create a rounded chocolate experience.


Of class, the chief season in blistering cocoa should be chocolate itself, but there are a distribute of brands out there that curate specialty products that harmonize the chocolate with other tastes and textures. While peanut butter can seem a little strange in hot chocolate, it ’ sulfur decidedly a classic pair ; at the same time, if you ’ re a purist, go for brands that don ’ thyroxine incorporate artificial flavorings into their cocoa .


One of the few inconvenient things about the Keurig system is the price of thousand cups. This is as true for hot chocolate as it is for chocolate and tea, and it ’ s improbable to change. There are, fortunately, options available for almost any budget ; if you ’ re not passionate about hot chocolate or you want something a little cheaper, there are inactive a batch of options available, including respective on this list .


As Keurig gets more and more popular, bigger brands are jumping on board to make their own adapted options for the machines. This does mean that if you have a prefer brand for any given intersection, you ’ re likely to be able to find it, it ’ s just a wonder of whether the price luff is what you ’ re after. Premium brands still command premium prices.

Expiration Date

Look out for passing dates on your hot chocolate potassium cups ! While a stale chocolate experience international relations and security network ’ t precisely pleasant, it ’ s a bigger return when it comes to hot chocolate. Since most hot chocolate pods contain milk powder, they ’ ra shelf-stable for a long time, but they besides taste awful when they do go bad. Make surely you verify the termination date before you buy, and keep an eye on the go steady while you ’ ra working your room through a pack of thousand cups .

Pod Compatibility

While all of the thousand cups mentioned in this tilt are compatible across multiple Keurig brewers, it ’ mho worth noting that some products on the market are only compatible with earlier generation brewers, and some will merely work with certain brewers of any generation. Cross-check your pods with the machine you have.

The Verdict

Of all of the products I sampled on this list, our front-runner remains the Two Rivers Sampler, with its godforsaken and challenging variety of flavors and its overall rate at its price point. While some other selections may have provided a richer chocolate relish, or a more premium texture, the Two Rivers hot chocolate sampling station has the best combination of hot cocoa flavors at a reasonable price. For its adventurous flavors, dulcet price point, and adaptability to any Keurig machine, Two Rivers Single Serve Variety Pack takes the top spotlight for the best hot chocolate kelvin cups .

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