This Brooklyn Made Sparkling Citrus Coffee Is Your Summer Seltzer-Cold Brew Combo

keepers Brooklyn-based ocular interior designer and Founder Thi Lam doesn ’ thymine like the preference of black coffee bean, an “ awkward ” problem he besides has a fortune to be grateful for. That ’ south because his quest to find, and ultimately create, a refreshing coffee-based beverage without a bitter espresso taste resulted in caffeinated invention even the most die-hard aficionado would find challenging. If that weren ’ thyroxine enough, he ’ mho created a hale new drinks category to bang .
together with ex-colleague Brent Lagerman, Thi co-founded sparkling coffee company Keepers. Their signature drink is a combination of house roasted and brewed organic coffee bean combined with fresh-pressed Florida tangerine juice and gentle carbonation, has garnered the couple an active fan base and covet Whole Foods contract in merely two years .
now a cult product as much for its season as original promotion and purpose, Keepers started as an experiment in brewing citrus-infused caffeinated sodas, a drink inspired by italian and australian espresso-based citrus beverages ( think coffee tonic ). however Lam ’ s taste adventure cursorily evolved into a full-time project that led the two founders on a travel around the coffee season roulette wheel, developing roasting expertness, original relish pairings and commercial product in the summons.

Settling on newly, craft ingredients and a refrigerated can format, the creative couple launched Keepers in 2016 complete with attention-getting post. Result ? Instant appeal ( without the clamant coffee—although that ’ sulfur switch, besides ). “ We didn ’ thymine want to go the centralize road. It makes economic sense but we wanted to do something that was real. ” While the resulting $ 3.99 per can price tag might seem prohibitive, Lam stands behind his option to use quality fresh ingredients over processed, shelf-stable ( and cheaper ) alternatives .
As it turns out his conviction paid off. Ensue media acclaim and a host of cant opportunities with investors through their production space, Pilotworks. “ We wanted to be the playfulness brand but now we ’ ve grown up, ” says Lam .
Despite all that, Keepers is distillery identical much a grassroots project. Both founders hush work day jobs to keep craft production afloat while Largerman besides tends to his syndicate. Lam, who primitively focused on social bring in the Bronx, hopes Keepers can create opportunities to give back to the communities he once served in the shape of projects to support kids growing up in challenging environments.

For now, both are banking on this summer ’ s Kickstarter campaign to fund their next invention : “ Keepers Black, ” a zero boodle adaptation of their master product that “ drinks like a twinkle urine and tastes like high end coffee bean. ”
Time will tell if customers and Kickstarter backers agree. For nowadays their citrus sparkling coffee is available to order on-line and in the refrigerate sections at northeastern branches of Whole Foods .
Images courtesy of Keepers.

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