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  1. How can I update my email address?

    1. once signed into your history, click “ Account. ” 2. Select “ Settings ”. 3. Select “ Edit ” future to “ Your electronic mail address ” or “ Password ” to update .
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  2. How do I update my Starbucks account?

    bless in with your Username and Password. From there you can access your report information, change your e-mail address, update your credit card, or view your order history.

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  3. How can I find a Starbucks® location near me?

    Check out our memory Finder for a storehouse location near you .
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  4. How do I opt in to receive special offers and promotional emails from Starbucks?

    To make certain you ‘re opted in to receive offers from us or change your contact preferences : Go to and log in. Select Account > Settings > Communication …
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  5. good-for-nothing about that ! The connect to reset your Password expires 30 minutes from the time of your request. If you ‘d like the link begrudge, click hera .
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  6. My email is being used by another account. What should I do?

    There are a issue of reasons the electronic mail could be in manipulation by another account : You have multiple accounts with the same electronic mail address. The electronic mail on your account might be your trash …
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  7. How do I enable JavaScript?

    If you ‘re uncertain of how to enable JavaScript in the browser you ‘re using, you can by and large find JavaScript settings in the Tools, Security, or Advanced Settings sphere of your browser. You can besides …

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  8. How can I remove myself from Starbucks’ email list?

    If you are a Starbucks® Rewards member and no long wish to receive e-mail communications from Starbucks, you can unsubscribe in one of the follow ways : on-line : …
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  9. Starbucks Security Video Request – Frequently Asked Questions

    Security Video Requests How will Starbucks provide the security video recording, if available ? When available, security video will be provided electronically though our digital evidence management …
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  10. Why doesn’t my Starbucks store show up on the Store Finder map?

    If your store is outside the range shown on the map, you may need to search by city or use a ZIP code that is closer to the store ’ s location .
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  11. Are there any rules for writing Starbucks blog comments?

    Our blogs are afford forums for ideas and discussion. That said, we will not allow profanity or other inappropriate demeanor. Posts that are inappropriate will be removed from the site and users that …
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  12. I can’t find the Search function on How do I search the website?

    To search, please do the follow : 1. Go to 2. In the Google search bar, enter “ site* ” plus the search word ( sulfur ) for what you ‘re looking for ( e.g …
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