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When you ’ ve strike that 2pm slump and you ’ re craving an amaze coffee pick-me-up-off-the-floor drink, but you don ’ thymine want to wake the kids from their nap ( because they ’ re FINALLY quiet ), and you don ’ thyroxine want to spend the extra money or take in tons of calories, this dim-witted Espresso Double Shot Starbucks Copycat recipe comes to the rescue. Grab yourself a moment of ahhhh, and make the most of your cherished time to yourself .
Starbucks Copycat—Espresso Double Shot. Espresso,

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Iced Espresso Double Shot—Starbucks Copycat. Shake it up for lots of creamy foam, add simple syrup and cream. Amazing! #starbucks #copycat #starbuckscopycat #espresso

Only 3 Ingredients to make this Espresso Double Shot

  • Espresso – pretty obvious, right? Pull 2 shots for a Tall, 3 for a Grande, and 5 for a Venti. If you’re looking for truly amazing espresso beans, I’d suggest finding a local roaster. My favorite here in Denver is Novo Coffee. Back in California, it’s hard to beat Blue Bottle. Both offer online ordering. (See below for suggestions if you do not own an espresso machine.)
  • Simple Syrup – this is the one we use. But you can also make your own really easily! You’ll want 2 Tbsp for a Tall, 3 Tbsp for a Grande, and 4 Tbsp for a Venti.
  • Cream or Milk of Choice – Adding heavy cream is what really sends this refreshing icy drink over the edge. But we’ve made it with almond milk (for Amy since she’s lactose intolerant) and it’s still SUPER delicious! You can add as much cream as you prefer, but for a true Starbucks experience, add on ounce for a tall, then add one tablespoon more for each size up.

To Make this Iced Double Shot Espresso, simply…

inaugural, PULL however many shots you want ( we like LOTS ). Fill a cocktail shaker to the brim with ice. We have one precisely like this copper one and we love it. If you don ’ t have a cocktail shaker, feel dislodge to use any container with a besotted equip lid. ( Those little tupperware containers work like a charm ! )
POUR your shots over the ice.

ADD the discipline amount of simpleton syrup for the size you want. ( See above for measurements or the recipe below. )
Starbucks Copycat—Espresso Double Shot. Espresso,
immediately it ’ randomness time to SHAKE it like you mean it. Shake vigorously for approximately 30 seconds to get lots of that amazing foam. I like to use this moment to work out my good morning frustrations—like, if I have to bend over one more time to pick up a lego my andiron chewed up, I won ’ t be able to get back up—kind of frustrations. Anyone else ?
After you ’ ve got lots of shake creamy foam, strain out the ice and POUR your espresso into a improbable glaze. Oooh, we ’ ra then cheeseparing !
ADD however much cream or milk you ’ d like. Heavy cream is the ultimate treat, but the relish is calm truly adept with low-fat or a estimable milk alternative, like almond or coconut. Watch as the cream lento makes beautiful streaks down through the espresso ( it ’ south hypnotic and separate of the relaxation feel ) .
Starbucks Copycat—Espresso Double Shot. Espresso,

Don’t have an espresso machine? No problem!

If you do not have an espresso godhead, there are lots of other ways to achieve a like toast. You can check out this article with 3 ideas on how to make espresso at family without an espresso machine, or check out our yoke tilt below with big alternatives that won ’ thyroxine break the bank and are besides capital space-savers .

How to get espresso without a machine:

Starbucks Copycat—Espresso Double Shot. Espresso,

Bring the coffee shop home

then simpleton, right ! ? now you can bring your favored coffee bean patronize right into your live room. I love enjoying such a fantastic coffee drink on my back porch or my be room couch. particularly during these days of “ safe at home ” mandates .
not only do you save time and gas, but you ’ ve saved yourself a small bundle of cash besides. now what will you do with all these savings, hmm ? personally, I like to imagine I ’ molarity saving it all up for days and days of sipping chocolate in Tuscany, with a blissful absence of chewed up legos .
Starbucks Copycat—Espresso Double Shot. Espresso,

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Starbucks Copycat—Espresso Double Shot. Espresso,

Espresso Double Shot Over Ice—Starbucks Copycat

Prep Time






Skip the line, make this simple recipe at home!






Tall Measurements

Grande Measurements

  • 3 Tbsp bare Syrup
  • 3 shots espresso about 4 1/2 ounces
  • 3 Tbsp dense cream or milk of choice

Venti Measurements

  • 5 Tbsp simple Syrup
  • 5 shots espresso about 6 ounces
  • 5 Tbsp heavy cream or milk of choice


  • In a martini shaker or reusable cup with lid place ice up to the rim.

  • Pour simple syrup and espresso over ice.

  • Place lid on container and shake vigorously (the longer you shake the more foam you will get).

  • Pour into glass and top with milk.


The trick with this recipe is that it calls for less syrup and more espresso than a standard 16 oz beverage, which makes it a little sweeter and foam-ier for maximum espresso mmmm-ing.

Tried this recipe ?Let us know how it was!Iced Espresso Double Shot—Starbucks Copycat. Shake it up for lots of creamy foam, add simple syrup and cream. Amazing! #starbucks #copycat #starbuckscopycat #espresso

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