Blonde Espresso: Overview, Steps to Make It, and How to Order It at Starbucks

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Blonde espresso is a lightly roasted coffee and it ’ s one of the espresso options at Starbucks. See the difference between blond ridicule and night knock and how to make it at home .

What is Blonde Espresso?

  • Blonde espresso (also known as blonde espresso roast, blonde roast, and light roast) is the name given to lightly roasted coffee.
  • It’s called blonde since you can usually tell how long a coffee has been roasted by looking at the color and the light roast is lighter in color compared to dark roasted coffee.
  • The shorter roast time with blonde espresso roast gives it a slightly sweeter, smoother, more mellow coffee taste.
  • Any drink that is made with espresso can be made with blonde espresso.

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Differences Between Blonde Espresso Roast and Dark Espresso Roast

Blonde espresso roast and dark espresso roast coffee beans.
Blonde roasted coffees are abstemious in color while dark coffee roast are a few shades black. Very dark roasted chocolate will have an buttery layer around them, giving it a glistening appearance. You won ’ triiodothyronine see anoint around a blond roast, so it has a flatness look .
Roast Level
Coffee starts out green before it ’ mho roasted, and will go from green to brown as the roaster applies heat. A blond ridicule will be roasted for a shorter period of time at a lower temperature while a darkness ridicule will be roasted for longer .
Caffeine Level
The lighter the color of the coffee attic, the more caffeine it has. At Starbucks, a grande blond espresso drink has 360 milligram of caffeine, while their iniquity roast has 260 milligram .
Blonde espresso tends to taste more delicate, slightly sweeter and mellower. Dark roasts are more roasty, with a bluff season .

Blonde Espresso at Starbucks

When Starbucks added blond espresso to their menu in 2018, it was the first gear time in 40 years Starbucks has added a new espresso to their menu. Starbucks roasts their coffee dark, so their blond espresso is closer to a medium roast .
Any toast that ’ s made with unconstipated espresso can be made with blond espresso so an Iced Vanilla Latte can be made into an Iced Blonde Vanilla Latte. Blonde roast is besides offered as brew coffee bean .
Blonde espresso drinks are the same price as any of the regular espresso drinks. There ’ mho no extra charge for replacing espresso with blond espresso .
If you find espresso to be besides strong or bitter, but you want the caffeine, replace espresso with blond espresso the next clock you ’ re at Starbucks .
You can order any espresso or brewed coffee bean drink in with blond espresso or blond knock, but Starbucks has a few that are made specifically using this light roasted coffee :

  • Blonde Roast
    Brewed coffee in a drip coffee machine using lightly roasted coffee beans.
  • Honey Almondmilk Flat White
    Blonde espresso, almondmilk, and honey blend create this creamy drink.
  • Iced Honey Almondmilk Flat White
    Iced version of the hot coffee drink, also made with blonde espresso.
  • Starbucks Blonde Vanilla Latte
    Blonde espresso, 2% milk, and vanilla syrup creates a twist on the popular Vanilla Latte.
  • Iced Starbucks Blonde Vanilla Latte
    An iced version of the classic Vanilla Latte made with blonde espresso.
  • Iced Chocolate Almondmilk Shaken Espresso
    Ice, blonde espresso, and chocolate malt powder are shaken, then topped with almondmilk.

Blonde espresso beans in a pile.

What You’ll Need to Make a Blonde Espresso

My Nespresso Pick

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A fuss-free way to make espresso and blond espresso at home plate. Comes with a built-in steam want to make foam for lattes .


How to Make Blonde Espresso at Home

For full ingredients and instructions, scroll down to the recipe.

  1. Fill and tamp your portafilter with finely ground blonde roast coffee.
  2. Pull 1-2 shots of blonde espresso.
    Serve and drink immediately.

Expert Tips

  • Blonde espresso goes well with almond milk and vanilla syrup, which is why Starbucks makes the blonde drinks on the menu with those ingredients.
  • Aside from espresso, use blonde espresso roast in drip coffee machines to make brewed blonde coffee for a smoother and more caffeinated cup. Whole blonde espresso coffee beans can be used in drip machines even though it says espresso. Just make sure to grind beans for drip machines, not for espresso.
  • Blonde roast coffees can be difficult to grind. If you have a hand grinder, you’ll notice that the beans are more dense than dark roasted beans. 

Questions You May Have

Is blonde roast the same thing as light roast? Yup. Blonde espresso roast is just a way they ’ ra selling light roast. Light roast used to be called ‘ cinnamon roast ’ due to the color of the beans, not from the taste, but it never caught on, so it was changed to blonde roast. What espresso options are there at Starbucks? You have 3 espresso options : key signature espresso, blond espresso, and decaffeinated coffee espresso. Does blonde espresso roast have more caffeine than dark roast? Yup, the longer coffee bean is roasted, the less caffeine it has. The lapp goes for tea ! Blonde ridicule is lightly roasted so it will contain more caffeine than a dark roast which is roasted for longer. Can I get blonde espresso at any coffee shop? No, normally a coffee workshop will only have colored roast espresso but you can ask if they do have a light knock.

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