An Honest OXO Pour Over Review from Two Regular Joes

First things first, the mention of this appliance on its Amazon number is impressively long : “ OXO Brew Pour Over Coffee Maker with Water Tank. ” The box mine came in called it the “ OXO Good Grips Pour-Over Coffee Maker with Water Tank 12oz. ” ( Note the hyphen on pour-over, and the the throw to “ coffee maker. ” ) In either case, the basal invention of it is the urine cooler, which is a small clean plastic cup-like matter with some holes in the bed which drip water out at a reasonable pace calibrated for a thoroughly cup of pour over coffee bean .
This coffee making device can be found on Amazon for ~ $ 15.99 ( USD ) at the time of writing. So the question : Is this worth it ? Does it make good coffee bean in a useful way, or is it just another catch to steal your money ? ( And, full disclosure : we were given ours for free at Coffee Fest Denver by some OXO folks, with no strings attached ) .
Read on to dive deep with us into our OXO decant over inspection !

What is pourover coffee?

brewing pour over coffee at home In general parlance, “ pour over ” coffee is just any coffee bean that is produced by a human decant urine through chocolate grounds. This can be anything from a fancier Hario V60 or Kalita Wave, to a basic single-hole pour over chocolate drippers that ’ s wide standardized and sold many places with many different brand names.

The process of gravity-drawn water extracting relish from chocolate grounds is quite old and coarse. All dribble chocolate machines are similar in that they ’ re besides gravity-based and have the urine pass through the beans. In general, decant over has an “ artisanal ” quality to it, because its a phase most done by people who care about their coffee. But that ’ s not universal. Some pour over is just make my people who like their coffee “ brown ” or “ black ” and “ caffeinated. ”

How does pour over compare to a coffee machine?

The big advantage of a chocolate machine–I constantly think of the “ Mr Coffee ” trade name here, but there are then many from so many brands—is their convenience. Pour in grounds and water, flip a throw, come spinal column in a few minutes and get chocolate. This is a great feature .
so while the machines have downsides—water temperature is normally ailing controlled, flow pace and position over the grounds is much imperfect—the convenience is key. Pour over coffee bean, made artisinally, is generally a five to fifteen minute routine. That ’ s a much greater time committedness than a Mr Coffee. Although, it is besides much a better and more consistent cup .

Inconvenient Factors of Pour Over (Traditional)

traditional decant over is merely a tradeoff. It takes more clock but the result is better. The time is substantial though. You ’ ra sitting there occupied for a while making it. Or waiting, if you ’ re having person else do it for you. If you ’ re in a hurry, 15 minutes can feel like an eternity .
That ’ south where the OXO Auto-Dripper comes in ( and the inspiration for OXO pour over review ). The mind is that you ’ ra getting better results than a Mr Coffee, but for much less of a prison term commitment. Because the most time-consuming character of brewing pour over chocolate is normally pouring in urine in 25-150 gram doses, the brew reservoir of the OXO brew pour over coffee bean manufacturer with water tank just takes your whole book ( up to 360mL, or 12oz ) and drip it while you take a shower .

What is the OXO Good Grips Pour Over Auto-Dripper?

By now, I hope it ’ randomness reasonably clear. Pour over is great because it’s controlled. ceremonious chocolate machines ( Mr Coffee et alabama ) are capital because you set it and forget it. The OXO Good Grips Brew Pour Over Coffee with Water Tank is capital because you can get some of the benefits of a fancier pour-over with the relative “ set it and forget it ” of a more conventional machine .

What’s in the box?

For our OXO pour over review, we want to let you know what ’ second in the corner :

  • A lid (white plastic), to cover the reservoir and can also (cleverly) be used to catch drips after you’ve brewed.
  • The water tank (clear plastic), to hold and meter your water automatically. This is the coolest/rarest part of it.
  • The dripper (white plastic with gray inside), to brew the coffee. This is a pretty standard “pour over dripper” design. One hole, ribs on the sides of a sort of flat-conical shape.
  • 10 #2 cone filters. These are brown-paper, and just the starter kit. Fortunately #2 cone filters can be bought at just about any grocery store (at least near me).
  • An instruction card, that simplifies basic brew-ratios in the user-friendly way.

Different Formats of Pour Over Drippers

The dripper that comes with the OXO Good Grips Single Serve Pour Over Coffee Dripper with Auto-Drip Water Tank is a reasonably bog-standard one. I ’ ve seen very alike shapes to this sold is many materials ( most much ceramic ) and from many brands — Starbucks and Blue Bottle are two that leap immediately to mind .
The format : a cone-ish thing about the size of a chocolate mug, with a single hole at the buttocks of the cone about the size of a pen or pencil. It ’ s unlike a cone in that you ’ ll have a longer minute area to support the bottom of the trickle which is about 2.5″ ( 6cm ) long .
All of that is to say : there ’ south nothing specific or especial to me about the pour over dripper that comes with the OXO Single Serve Auto-Drip .
A Kalita Wave is unlike than this standard shape in that it has three smaller holes in a triangular shape entirely its rather-flat bottom. The Hario V60 is different in that it has one much-bigger hole at its buttocks. This one has no such features. It is plastic, and therefore among the more durable of these bog-standard pour-over devices I ’ ve seen .

How does it work? How to Brew Coffee in the OXO Auto-Drip Pour Over system

Lucky for you, the OXO pour over coffee maker instructions are pretty straight-forward. It wouldn ’ thyroxine be a proper OXO decant over review if we didn ’ thyroxine include a how-to, so read on !

As you might guess, they are very like to other pour over mechanisms. The dispute is primarily the reservoir, but to lay it out step by gradation.

  1. Add an empty filter, folding over it bottom layer to the side, to the dripper. Filter should be open (large end flared) and fit into the dripper fairly snuggly.
  2. Add the ground coffee (I do a 20 on the Baratza Encore, but you do you) to the filter (which remains inside the dripper).
  3. Place the reservoir over the filter & coffee on the dripper plastic itself.
  4. Fill the reservoir on the OXO Auto-Drip with water to your desired fill-line.
  5. Wait.
  6. Enjoy 🙂

What’s Great About the OXO Auto-Drip Water Tank

The big thing to to highlight about what we love in our OXO pour over review is that it lets you walk away. While writing this article I started a brew with about 75 seconds of work, wrote six paragraph, and then went to fetch my brew chocolate. Pretty cool 🙂
beyond that, I really like the simple directions card that OXO has put in the box. They recommend a brew-ratio of 1:18 ( that ’ s beans five water system ), and the circuit board equitable has done the obvious conversions so I don ’ t have to. It besides lays out the quite elementary directions I gave above in a clear and concise set of words and illustrations .
last, I think the coffee I get from the brewer is solid. It ’ s neither the best I ’ ve ever had with my beans, nor the worst. ( I do, to be fair, screw up my brews kind of regularly. ) It ’ s a solid cup of coffee for a set less time and attention than I spend on a Kalita Wave brew. What ’ s not to like about that ?

Easy to Clean and Supply

Beyond those benefits, like I ’ ve come to expect from OXO ( I have a fairly senior high school affinity for the trade name ), it ’ s a thoughtful and beautifully designed tool. I know that for many people OXO is synonymous with intentionally-chunky kitchen basics. Whether or not you like that aesthetic, this brewer does not have it. rather it ’ sulfur precisely what you ’ five hundred expect and nothing more .
It ’ second all elementary, light-weight, white and clear plastic. That besides means that it ’ second dishwasher safe. And BPA release, if you worry about that kind of stuff .
And because the filters are simpleton # 2 filters ( a type used by many Mr Coffee like machines ), you can buy them at just about any grocery store store. Since the rest of the process is reclaimable and dishwasher safe, you ’ ll find it pretty easy to have the thing always-ready-to-brew

The Auto-Drip Reservoir Does Fit (Some) Other Brewers

This one is a small more probationary. But the dripping reservoir from OXO here besides fits my Kalita Wave 185 ( the bigger one ) silly-well. This may be a bare concurrence. But once or doubly I ’ ve used the reservoir to brew on the Wave with dependable results. I think it could besides sanely be placed atop a standard Hario V60, and certain sizes of Chemex .
Why would you use the reservoir on other brewers ? precisely the same argue you ’ five hundred practice it with the include kit : a sanely good decant routine without you having to sit there and pour. nothing you should dismiss out of bridge player .

What the OXO Single Serve Pour Over Tank Fails At

There are a few areas that the OXO Auto-Drip doesn ’ t do a great job at. Primarily, these are why you ’ d expect, but I do want to cover them :

  • It’s Built for One-Cup Pour-Over Brewing. Well duh, all those words are right in the name. But one nice thing about my Kalita Wave 185 is that I can make anywhere from 250 to 550mL of coffee without breaking a sweat. The OXO is labeled in 240, 280, 320, and 360 mL increments. (Those are 6, 8, 10, 12 oz). That’s all. If you want more you must brew again.
  • You Give Up Drip-Pattern and Flow Control. Similarly, because your relying on OXO’s drilled holes in the dripping reservoir to dispense the water, you’re obviously giving up making your spirals or others that us coffee fanatics often like.

Should You Get the OXO Auto-Dripper?

To conclude our OXO decant over recapitulation, we ask : Is it worth it ?
At under $ 20, this is in truth an nerve impulse buy. We were provided ours at a convention by a couple friendly folks from OXO, but if I saw it at a store in a spend temper, I ’ five hundred wholly give it a photograph .

It ’ s an matter to hybrid of the ease-of-brewing of a Mr Coffee-type chocolate machine and a fancy, busy pour over coffee that I more typically brew.

That said, in having it for four-spot months, I ’ ve possibly used the “ OXO Good Grips Single Serve Pour Over Coffee Dripper with Auto-Drip Water Tank ” about doubly per month. depart of this is that it ’ s been summer, and I prefer an afternoon warm coffee in cool months. And function of that is that I actually appreciate the ceremony of brewing with a cool pour-over appliance .
For when I have used it, I ’ ve truly appreciated how promptly the OXO Auto-Drip gives me a cup of dependable coffee. Turn on the kettle, grind the beans, meet the push-down list, fill the reservoir, take a exhibitor, and find a nice cup of brewed pour-over coffee bean waiting. If that sounds good to you, go ahead and drop it into your haul right now. 😉
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