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still have that vintage Baratza Starbucks Barista and need parts ? here ’ s what you need to know .
There are a count of unlike Starbucks Barista appliances out in the world including dribble coffee makers, espresso machines, and chocolate grinders. At Baratza, we specialize entirely in coffee bean grinders. At one target in time, circa 2004-2009 we did make a Baratza Starbucks Barista coffee grinder, and my hope in writing this is to help clear up confusion for those searching for information and guidance .
The sad world is several early bomber manufacturers made Starbucks Barista coffee grinders. Before getting into the units Baratza did not make or sell, let ’ s start with the one we did : The Baratza Starbucks Barista model 1MP1SP, which looks like this :
starbucks barista

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Like all of our units, we have parts and troubleshooting information for this unit of measurement on our web site. Yay !
But over the years, I ’ ve fielded inquiries about other models and have seen a number of them in person. In especial, the Type 166, EL60, and EL70 Starbucks Barista models come to mind. These three models are not units Baratza ever made or sold, but I happen to have some insights from the questions I ’ ve fielded over the years .


The hopper and eyelid for Baratza grinders is not a direct suit on the Type 166, EL60 or EL70. But, they are close in size and a determine individual wrote up a how to make a Baratza molar fit these units and wrote a guide back in 2014 that is still improving and available- hypertext transfer protocol : // .

Knob/timer switch:

The Type 166, EL60 and EL70 have custom knobs. however, the mechanical interface of their knob, and the Baratza Maestro Plus node are the same. so, if you ’ ve lost or broken your knob, you can buy the Baratza Maestro Plus timekeeper node and it will mechanically function. Cosmetically, our knob is a short smaller in diameter, so you ’ ll have a piece of an air gap around it when you put it on to the bomber .


The Type 166, EL60 and EL70 use a Solis gearbox/motor assembly. Baratza besides used a Solis gearbox/motor forum in our first years in business, so we do offer the few Solis parts we are still able to procure. Included in these parts is the toddle wheel, which is the carpet sweeper that pushes grind coffee bean out of the bur chamber. If your molar gets plugged up, is very boring or lone grinds ticket, a wear paddle wheel is probably and can be inspected visually ( see the Solis paddle wheel scout in our Troubleshooting segment of the web site ) .

Motor, gears, burrs:

unfortunately, these are no longer available parts from Solis. 😥


The Solis motive has an inline fuse on the motor- see the ‘ Fuse Replacement ’ template in the Solis department of our Troubleshooting page. The fuse is not a function we have, but I believe it can be found at a well-stocked electronics memory. If my memory serves, it is a 104c inline fuse .

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