Taste Test: Is Starbucks Cold Brew Better than Regular Iced Coffee?

Starbucks ‘ Cold Brew Iced Coffee now Available Nationwide ! Just How Good Is It ?Starbucks Cold Brew

Starbucks Cold Brew

update ! bad news program, cold brew lovers : After a highly successful regional launch in the spring, Starbucks ’ Cold Brew will nowadays be a permanent wave menu item in all its stores nationally. WHAT IS IT: Starbucks ’ new Cold Brew Iced Coffee Get crusade notifications with news program, features and more. WHO TRIED IT: Rennie Dyball, PEOPLE.com senior editor, @ renniedyball WHY WE DID IT: Iced coffee doesn ’ metric ton need a reason.
“ Hi ! Can I write about how much I LOOOOOOOVVVVVVE Starbucks ’ new small batch cold brew ? ” That ’ s the electronic mail I wrote to my Great Ideas colleagues stopping point week—clearly caffeinated and tidal bore to share the rejoice of this new coffee with our readers. I ’ ve been drinking it for a couple weeks now and I ’ megabyte even more convert that Starbucks Cold Brew is the best frost coffee bean out there—even better than other cold brews. What makes it so extra ? relate : Starbucks Is Hiking Its coffee bean and Drink Prices Two things you should know first : One, I ’ molarity not precisely falling for well market here. The post horse featuring ice coffee being poured into a sweaty mason jolt at the front of my local store is surely appealing, but this international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine another Flat White situation ( good-for-nothing, Starbucks, but personally, I think it ’ second just a caffe latte with good p.r. ).

Starbucks Cold Brew

Starbucks Cold Brew

Two, I am a former barista and a year-round ice chocolate drinker. I have it on full authority that Anderson Cooper is besides, by the way. But this particular brew is well the best I ’ ve ever tried, and fortunately, it ’ randomness landed on the permanent menu in 2,800 stores. It ’ second got everything I love about ice coffee, intensified : it ’ second cold, smooth and creamier than your typical cup. You may be asking how one ice coffee can be colder than another. I am actually wondering the lapp thing, but I operate in words, not skill. Drinking regular frost coffee vs. this cold brew is like the remainder between drinking a cold beer and an ice-cold beer. You take a sip and it feels like your tongue and the inside of your mouth stay chilled for longer — like a cool breeze that ripples through you. I can ’ thymine expect to have it on a very hot summer sidereal day. refer : surviving Near a Starbucks Will Increase Your Home ’ s Value It ’ s besides decidedly smoother than typical frost coffees. This particular Starbucks blend is designed to be served cold. Baristas crunch and scoop modest batches into delicate filters where the grounds are saturated with cool water rather of the traditional hot and then left to steep for 20 hours. Michelle Sundquist, a longtime member of the brand ’ s research and development team ( she helped create my new obsession ), tells PEOPLE, “ Unlike traditional ice chocolate, time replaces heat to extract the coffee bean, which allows it to develop a naturally fresh taste and a smooth stopping point. ” A distinctive Starbucks iced coffee and batch of other brands are made by double-brewing hot coffee and placing it in a refrigerator for many hours, bringing the temperature down and then pouring over internal-combustion engine. ( Some other establishments simply pour hot coffee over ice and call it ice coffee. I don ’ t have enough room in this article to explain all that ’ s wrong with that method acting. ) Due to the more labor-intensive process of making coldness brew — and the fact that twice equally much coffee is used to make it — it will run you about 60 cents more than regular Starbucks iced coffee bean.

related : 3 Brunch Cocktails You ’ ll Be Thinking About All Weekend finally, there is a chocolate-y, creamy finish to this coffee that I haven ’ metric ton found anywhere else — not even in other cold-brewed ice coffees. And if you add a little milk and sugar like I do, the chocolate takes on about a milkshake-like sample, but without the guilt ( just 5 calories unsweetened ). Starbucks, you nailed it this time. Have you tried Starbucks’ new Cold Brew? Do you think it’s the best around? Tell us in the comments below.

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