Starbucks took the Eggnog Latte off its menu and people are devastated

Are you sitting down ? For some of you, this newsworthiness might be adenine shocking as when McDonald ’ s removed the McPizza from menu. Starbucks has taken a holiday classic, the Eggnog Latte, out of the seasonal worker rotation this class .
That ’ sulfur right folks. Earlier this workweek, the Seattle-based coffee chain revealed its entire holiday menu and modern cups, and that ’ s when it was confirmed. It ’ s off the menu .
A representative for Starbucks told Dished Vancouver that the coffee range is always “ evaluating the items on its menu ” and that it uses diverse criteria to determine these kinds of decisions .
“ While the caller no longer offers the Eggnog Latte, Starbucks partners ( baristas ) are felicitous to recommend an alternate holiday beverage or customization, ” they told Dished Vancouver in an electronic mail.

Starbucks holiday 2020 well, in true contemporary fashion, people are rightfully rattled by this newsworthiness, and the internet is screaming out for help .

But it ’ s not merely Twitter users that are airing their grievances online about the seasonal sip being discontinued ; there are besides several on-line petitions requesting the item be returned to its true place on the vacation lineup .
naturally, a handful of Facebook groups have besides popped up, one asking for people ’ south assistant in the “ competitiveness to bring back the Eggnog Latte. ”
Looks like it ’ s an all-out conflict for Starbucks lovers online right immediately. I wonder if a newfangled Sugar Cookie Oat Latte will make them feel better…

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