Flat White: Overview, Steps to Make It, and How It’s Not a Latte

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A popular australian coffee bean swallow, the categoric whiten is a delicious proportion of espresso and milk. See steps to make it, how to ordain it at Starbucks, and how a flat white is unlike than a caffe latte .
Flat white drink in a gray ceramic cup with saucer.

What is a Flat White?

  • A flat white is a coffee drink made with espresso and milk.
  • Small sized drink at 5-6 ounces that’s served in a 6 ounce cup.
  • It’s a smaller version of a latte (8 ounces) with less milk, which allows more of the espresso flavor to come through. 
  • The word “flat” in the drink refers to the smooth, flatted out foam and “white” is from “white coffee” which is coffee with milk.
  • Starbucks put flat whites on their menu in 2015.
  • Flat whites are generally associated with Australian coffee shops. A wave of Italian immigrants came to Australia after World War II, bringing their coffee traditions along with them.

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Difference Between Flat White and Latte

Flat whites have 2 shots and lattes have 1-2 shots of espresso .
Flat whites and lattes both have the lapp type of textured milk. The milk is velvet and smooth ( not fluffy or pillowy ) and has microfoam ( bantam bubbles ) .
The deviation is that a caffe latte has more milk. Lattes contain at least 7 ounces of steam milk. flat whites are made with 4 ounces of steamed milk which results in a stronger chocolate sample than a caffe latte .
Drink size
A flat white is served in a 6 ounce cup and a caffe latte is served in a cup that is at least 8 ounces .

Difference Between Flat White and Cappuccino

Flat whites have 2 shots and cappuccinos have 1-2 shots of espresso .
Flat whites are made with smooth, velvet steamed milk but cappuccinos are topped off with steam milk and downy, aeriform foam .
Drink size
Flat whites and cappuccinos are the lapp size at 6 ounces .

Flat White at Starbucks

Starbucks makes their flat white with 2 shots of ristretto espresso and steamed whole milk, decorating the drink with a point of steam milk on top. Ristretto is a concentrate espresso in that it uses the like sum of coffee but extracted with less water .
A categoric whiten is a 5-6 oz. drink but at Starbucks, you can order it in any size and they will add excess shots for a bigger sized cup .
To get the closest proportion of espresso to milk in an ordain of flat white, get the smallest size, a short, which is 8 oz. although it ’ s inactive bigger than a traditional flat white ( 5-6 oz. ) .

What You’ll Need

Pouring steamed milk into a cup with espresso.
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Step-by-Step Instructions

For full ingredients and instructions, scroll down to the recipe.

  1. Pull 2 espresso shots into a 6 ounce cup.
    Grind coffee and use an espresso machine to extract 2 shots of espresso.
  2. Steam milk.
    Froth 4 ounces of milk with very little aeration.
  3. Pour steamed milk into espresso.

BARISTA’S TIP: A helpful flim-flam is to steam your milk until the pitcher is besides hot to touch. Once the pitcher is excessively hot, turn off your steam wand .

Expert Tips 

  • A coffee roasted for espresso is sometimes a little darker than a coffee for drip.
  • You can ask your local coffee shop for suggestions on which coffee can be used to make a flat white. 
  • If you order a flat white at a coffee shop, ask how they prepare the drink. Flat whites can vary based on the coffee shop. 
  • Flat whites are generally served with whole milk, but you can use a plant-based milk. Try almond or oat milk for a dairy alternative. 
  • If you’re making a flat white at home, preheat your cup. Your drink will stay warmer longer.

Questions You May Have 

How much caffeine is in a flat white?  A flat flannel has the same sum of caffeine as a caffe latte or a cappuccino. Because these drinks have the same sum of espresso, they have the same sum of caffeine. A double over scene of espresso has between 60-80 magnesium of caffeine. How strong is a flat white?  Lattes, cappuccinos, and flat whites all have the same amount of espresso but because a flat white has less milk than a caffe latte and less foam than a cappuccino, it will taste stronger. Do flat whites have latte art?  A flatcar white can have latte art. The milk is steamed to create microfoam, which can be poured to create caffe latte art. Starbucks puts a point of caffe latte artwork on top of their flat whites. How hot is a flat white?  The temperature of a flat white is normally between 120º and 140ºF. How can I make a flat white using my Nespresso? Make a cup of espresso using a capsule then froth 4 ounces of milk. Pour steamed milk into the espresso.

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