Starbucks Japan now has a pudding Frappuccino based on a delicious retro dessert

step back in time with the Purin A La Mode Frappuccino, only available for a limited prison term .

After trying out Starbucks ’ newly Royal Milk Tea Frappuccino, and their super-exclusive-limited-to-one-location Minty Chocolate Tea variety show, we thought we were good about due for a break from all their high-calorie temptations, but it turns out we were wrong.

Starbucks has equitable released a Frappuccino that ’ s basically a beverage dessert, so it ’ south time to put away our gymnasium gear for another day and mind out to the ball-shaped cafe chain once again, for a sample of their newest beverage : the Purin A La Mode Frappuccino .

Our reporter Masami was one of the first in line to try the new Frappuccino, which models its looks and season on Purin A La Mode, a retro dessert popular in the ’70s and ’80s, which can still be found at Japanese coffeehouses, or kissaten, today. Kissaten had their flower during the Showa Period ( 1926–1989 ), and the Frappuccino is the main star of a modern ex post facto menu at Starbucks designed to honour that time time period .
▼ Starbucks has even redesigned their cafe signs to resemble the ones used by kissaten .

In Japan, “ purin ” is a term used for a type of no-bake pudding that resembles a creme caramel. And back in the ’ 70s and ’ 80s, purin a louisiana mode was a hip dessert in Japan, with methamphetamine cream and diverse fruits added alongside the pudding .
▼ The Frappuccino contains all these elements, in drinkable form .

Looking at the side of the drink, you can see a generous serve of caramel sauce inside, mix in with a purin-flavoured cream .

On exceed is a layer of mix fruit jellify made from mango, apple and strawberries, topped off with a pile of whisk cream and a cherry garnishee.

Masami took a sip of the drink in with a chaff, and was surprised by the creamy, egg-rich season, which actually reminded her of the Classic Tiramisu Frappuccino she ’ vitamin d tried bet on in March .
She decided to put the straw digression and dip into the toast with a smooch, which allowed her to get a commodity combination of all the ingredients in one taste .

The spoon-dip was decidedly the way to go, as it brought up all the gooey, rich caramel flavours from the bottom, which made it taste like a very creme caramel pudding. The addition of fruit, which is the vital component of a Purin A La Mode dessert, made every mouthful smack like the real thing, creating a deliciously unique, retro know that took Masami back to her younger days, when she was a cool young thing treating herself to a coffee bean and dessert at her local anesthetic kissaten .
In Masami ’ second opinion, this is one of Starbucks ’ greatest releases so far, and one she highly recommends trying. flush if you ’ re not companion with purin a la mode, this drink will win you over with its delectable pudding season !
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